hotel casa balduina
Casa Balduina
hotel casa balduina
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The region

La Rgion Casa Balduina Hotel
Casa Balduina is the ideal base for hiking up the highest peaks or for unforgettable walks of discovery.


You will also learn rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and much more with professionals such as ''l'association sportive du Niolu'. Visit their site: or Do not miss visiting sheepfolds like Vaccaghia that reflect the traditional lifestyle of the shepherds. View a map of hiking routes. Don't be afraid of a windey mountain road, the Scala di Santa Regina, to go and see Corte the historical city of the heart of Corsica, and the gorges of the Restonica and Tavignanu. ... In the other direction, across the Vergio col, you will find the forest forest of  Aitone and it is the descent to the west coast and Porto